– Turkish Proverbs, Profit is the brother of loss. Japanese Proverb 5. – Turkish Proverbs, A defeated wrestler is not tired of wrestling. – Turkish Proverbs, It is easy for a bachelor to divorce a wife. “Heh, heh… Thanks… Your’e nice. Meaning: There is no free lunch. Meaning: A job can’t be done with inadequate means. Meaning: Don’t throw away even an insignifican’t thing, there might be a time, when it will be needed. * Sütten ağzı yanan, ayranı üfleyerek içer (yoğurdu üfleyerek yer) (The tree bearing fruit, gets stoned.) – Turkish Proverbs, The testimony of the liar is not accepted. [A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. * İsin yanına varan is, misin yanına varan mis kokar. – Turkish Proverbs, Happiness is like crystal — when it shines the most, it soon cracks. Turkish people or the Turks (Türkler), also known as Anatolian Turks (Anadolu Türkleri), are a Turkic ethnic group and nation living mainly in Turkey and speaking Turkish, the most widely spoken Turkic language.They are the largest ethnic group in Turkey, as well as by far the largest ethnic group among the speakers of Turkic languages. Used to express frustration in discussion. Hungarian Proverb. – Turkish Proverbs, A hungry bear does not play. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, He that travels far, knows much. – Turkish Proverbs [As they brew, so let them drink. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Common fame is seldom to blame. Turkish Proverb Quotes. * Bülbülü altın kafese koymuşlar, ah vatanım demiş. – Turkish Proverbs, The bird flies not without cause. – Turkish Proverbs, It is the human tongue which makes tremble both man and beast. Meaning: Only after some time are a spouses faults noticed. ~ Turkish Proverb [16742] Turkish Proverbs. – Turkish Proverbs, He who goes out on a journey without a guide loses his way. Literal translation: If the imam scoffs, the community will chortle. – Turkish Proverbs, A garden scarecrow is not a man. * Kel ölür sırma saçlı olur, kör ölür badem gözlü olur. – Russian Proverb. (To the raven's eye, its chickens look like falcons.) [Every one knows best where the shoe pinches him. – Turkish Proverbs Meaning: One should not assume no one else can do better. – Turkish Proverbs, If the insolent man is strong, the one in the right is considered guilty. – Turkish Proverbs, Habit is more dogged than rabies. – Turkish Proverbs, Who has no beard has no authority. – Turkish Proverbs, Animals are governed by their reins; people by their, promises. – Turkish Proverbs, He who is a traitor is a coward. – Turkish Proverbs, The donkey’s plan is different from than that of the rider’s. – Turkish Proverbs, The cow that has died used to give a lot of milk. Inspiring Quotes and Proverbial Wisdom from Finland about Fortune, Pride and Dignity, Time and Mortality. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, He considers ill that considers not both sides. – Turkish Proverbs, Wherever the head goes, the foot also goes. – Turkish Proverbs Used to point out inconsistencies in one's behaviour or words. [Money saved can come to one’s rescue in a time of need. – Turkish Proverbs, If wishes were butter cakes, beggars might bite. – Turkish Proverbs, Never swap horses in midstream. And some walnut trees don’t bear walnuts. – Turkish Proverbs, Every man can rule an ill wife but him that has her. Literal translation: (Look at the mother before marrying the daughter. – Turkish Proverbs, A debt, of which there is no written acknowledgment, is not demanded. – Turkish Proverbs, Health is not valued till illness comes. – Turkish Proverbs, He who goes on a chase without a greyhound comes home without a hare. Literal translation: (Beauty passes, wisdom remains.) – Turkish Proverbs, Prettiness makes no pottage. [Don’t throw your seeds into the place where nothing grows. – Turkish Proverbs, The shroud has no pockets. – Turkish Proverbs, Womankind is long haired, short witted. * Tatlı dil yılanı deliğinden çıkarır [travels quickly, – has wings. Unless one gets a sunburn, one may not appreciate the shade Used to point out that one's actions detemine the consequences and therefore one should not complain about them later. – Turkish Proverbs. – Turkish Proverbs, Desire is for the handsome and rich. Meaning: You should not be scared of every little obstacle. * Baban nasılsa oğlu da öyledir. Literal translation: (One does not cut cloth for a yet unborn child.) One good turn deserves another. Literal translation: They throw stones at a tree with fruit. – Turkish Proverbs, The physician prescribes the medicine, the vulture waits for the body. – Turkish Proverbs, The hungry man is not satiated by looking in the face of the full man. – Turkish Proverbs, A pear will fall to the root of the tree. Umm… Can I ask… a question? (Every “bad” has its “worse.”.) Happiness comes from the health of soul. Happiness you pay for is to be found everywhere. – Turkish Proverbs, Mere talk does not satisfy the stomach. – Turkish Proverbs, In the heart of every brave man a lion sleeps. – Turkish Proverbs, May both seller and buyer see the benefit. [Every cat to her kind. – Turkish Proverbs, Good actions are never lost. With this in mind, I created a list of 40 powerful proverbs and sayings from around the world that I believe can teach us valuable life lessons. – Turkish Proverbs, He beats his breast who does not beat his child. – Turkish Proverbs, It is a long road that has no turning. Meaning: Used to make a point that even an old person may not have all the wisdom. ], A little help is worth a deal of pity. What about the nobility? * Pire için yorgan yakmak. * Alçak yerde yatma sel alır, yüksek yerde yatma yel alır. They are often used as the wisdom of ages that can be relied upon. Literal translation: Fire burns where it falls. – Turkish Proverbs, In the estimation of the nightingale, a cage of gold is a prison. – Turkish Proverbs, It is a poor heart that never rejoices. Post navigation ← – Turkish Proverbs, Every bird admires its own nest. – Turkish Proverbs, The end of every disgraceful action is repentance. “Nerem doğru ki?” demiş. – Turkish Proverbs, Too much kindness to a man is not profitable, for he becomes ungrateful. 40 Powerful Proverbs and Sayings From Around The World. – Turkish Proverbs, He that thinks everyone is like himself is deceived. Literal translation: (Reversing losses at whatever point is a profit.). One can endure being far way from loved ones by not seeing them. - Capital: Ankara Ethnics Groups: Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20% Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek – Turkish Proverbs, An ounce of luck is better than a pound of misery. * İti an, çomağı hazırla. – Turkish Proverbs, If you don’t know how to swim, why are you at the seashore? Literal translation: (It won’t fill a fig seed.). A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. ], Hasty climbers have sudden falls. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, If you wish to do a good deed, consult no one. – Turkish Proverbs, A small leak will sink a great ship. – Turkish Proverbs, Trust is a mother of deceit. Meaning: Pain is suffered most by the one who has experienced it. – Turkish Proverbs, A neighbor that is near is better than a relative of no benefit. Literal translation: (It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to know.). * İyi insan lafının üzerine gelirmiş. * Aslan yattığı yerden belli olur. [When you are well hold yourself so. [It takes the right person and/or materials to do a job right. ], One should not betray a trust. ], First learn, then discern. – Turkish Proverbs, A little fire can light a lot of wood. ], Beauty won’t make the pot boil. Literal translation: (Do not roll up your trousers before reaching the stream.) – Turkish Proverbs, There is a madman in every house, but in our house everybody is mad. – Turkish Proverbs, The little hill of a low district becomes a mountain. (Child wearing Gyorgs mask)“. – Turkish Proverbs, A man is to be feared from his speech, water from its floods. Saved by Unitarian Universalist Legisaltive Ministry of NJ. Literal translation: They put the blabbermouth in hell, and he shouted “The wood is damp!” (Solomon is he who has the seal) – Turkish Proverbs, Jack of all trades would teach his grandma a howling wolf had quiet depths. [A reminder that others may have a different way of doing things, and hence asking for some tolerance. – Turkish Proverbs, Never judge from appearance. – Turkish Proverbs, When the carriage has been smashed, they who show the road are many. * Fala inanma falsız kalma. Russians love their old proverbs and sayings. – Turkish Proverbs, If the world is flooded, it will be easy for the duck. Similar to "it takes two to tango". ], One who is afraid of debts does not open his door wide. – Turkish Proverbs, Habit is worse than rabies. – Turkish Proverbs, Fear does not empty tomorrow of its sadness; it empties today of its power. – Turkish Proverbs, When the well is full, it will run over. – Turkish Proverbs, When one’s shoes are tight the world becomes tight on one’s head. Like this post? Meaning: don’t be too hasty. [Used to encourage a person to keep a useful and classy network and group somehow. * Bu Ne Perhiz Bu Ne Lahana Turşusu. * Cahile söz anlatmak, deveyi hendekten atlatmaktan zordur. Literal translation: They asked the camel why its neck was curved. * Bal tutan parmak yalar. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Leave a jest when it pleases you best. (Always the trees that bear fruit are stoned) – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: (To the ravens eye, its chickens look like falcons.) – Turkish Proverbs, Mercy to the criminal may be cruelty to the people. – Turkish Proverbs, Put your foot down where you mean to stand. * Zengin arabasını dağdan aşırır, züğürt düz ovada yolunu şaşırır. – Turkish Proverbs, The account of the donkey is different from the account of the donkey-man. – Turkish Proverbs, He whom the heart loves is the handsome one. * Kumaşını verince, astarını ister. * Hocanın vurduğu yerde gül biter. – Turkish Proverbs, Never do business with a relative. – Turkish Proverbs, He who bears trouble patiently receives his reward. * İsteyenin bir yüzü kara, vermeyenin iki yüzü – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Two cocks won’t crow on the same dunghill. – Turkish Proverbs, Music befits a house where there is a wedding. – Turkish Proverbs, A man is born of his mother in order to die. – Turkish Proverbs, Beauty fades like a flower. Literal translation: A guest does not get the food he expects but what hes served. A boxwood comb for a bald head. – Turkish Proverbs, Death in time of youth, poverty in time of age, are hard. – Turkish Proverbs, Practice makes perfect. Small savings will lead to substantial wealth. They could accomplish such a high stage of knowledge and thought because of their utmost determination and optimistic attitude. 11. * “Aĝaç yaş iken eĝilir” Literal translation: (Bad neighbour forces one to have his own pots and pans.). * Can çıkmayınca huy çıkmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, If you do not know what to say, say what your elders said. – Turkish Proverbs, That which is far from the eye is far from the heart. Literal translation: Already passed the caravan of friends, just leave me alone. ], The thread breaks where it is weakest. Meaning: Those who haven’t done it shouldn’t criticize it. – Turkish Proverbs, Cut your coat according to your cloth. Meaning: A good listener needs only half a word. Sooner or later you must ride the camel. – Turkish Proverbs, A man deceives a man once. – Turkish Proverbs, A straw will show which way the wind blows. – Turkish Proverbs, He laughs best who laughs last. – Turkish Proverbs, Planting trees is as blessed an act as raising children. – Turkish Proverbs, The place of your birth is less important than how you live. [Many good things must end at some time. Used to point out that one may have to chose an unpleasant alternative in a dire situation. Meaning: Used to make a point that one should spend according to his means. – Turkish Proverbs, Other times, other manners. – Turkish Proverbs, Every ditch is full of afterwit. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, He who pays no heed to the words of his elders mounts a wild horse. English equivalent: Every man is the smith of his own fortune. – Turkish Proverbs, He that prepares for ill, gives the blow a meeting and breaks its stroke. – Turkish Proverbs. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs Meaning: The sorrows are not visible but overwhelming (darker than the bottom of a pot). – Turkish Proverbs, Expect the worst, and any surprise will be a happy one. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, The mouth is not worn away by dint of talking. Literal translation: Grapes will darken by looking at each other. – Turkish Proverbs, One does not burn a blanket to get rid of a flea. (Beauty passes, wisdom remains.) Meaning: Used to point out inconsistencies in one’s behaviour or words. Literal translation: Youth is a bird, escapes my capture. * Hazıra dağlar dayanmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, A good man will appear when talked about. – Turkish Proverbs, Difficulties teach a man. Meaning: One is trying to calm an angry person. – Turkish Proverbs Used to point out that the events are heading to an obvious conclusion and hence further discussion is not warranted. * Yiğit lakabıyla anılır. Used to make the point that life's bad experiences teach people to be cautious. – Turkish Proverbs, He who does evil to others, does it to himself. – Turkish Proverbs, Whoever the heart loves, she is the beauty. Literal translation: The bald becomes golden haired when he dies, the blind becomes almond eyed when he dies. Happiness Proverbs (174 Proverbs) Happy is he whose own faults prevent him from castigating the faults of others. – Turkish Proverbs, The true worth of a person comes out when he is working. (The cock that crows too early gets his head cut off.) – Turkish Proverbs, Good deeds remain, all things else perish. – Turkish Proverbs, There is no one in the world without pain. – Turkish Proverbs, He that will cheat at play, will cheat you anyway. – Turkish Proverbs, No sound comes forth from a single hand. Literal translation: Near the dry, the damp will burn. – Turkish Proverbs, The fish stinks from the head. – Turkish Proverbs, One who handles honey, licks his fingers. (A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.) Literal translation: A white day sheds light, a black day sheds darkness. – Turkish Proverbs, Remember the dog and have your stone ready. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t play with edged tools. – Turkish Proverbs, A boiling cauldron can’t keep a lid on. Literal translation: A brave/daring gypsy will brag on his robberies. * Ne Arabın sakızı, ne Şamın şekeri [You may be too careful. * Serçeden korkan darı ekmez. Meaning: Used to put the shame or burden on the side that can give but refuses to do so. English equivalent: What you reap, is what you sow.. * Nerede hareket orada bereket. – Turkish Proverbs, Patience is the key to paradise. – Turkish Proverbs, The gardener, for the sake of one rose, becomes the servant of a thousand thorns. – Turkish Proverbs, Study from new books but from old teachers – Turkish Proverbs, Such music, such people. (Do not brag about unworthy acts). Meaning: Everyone thinks their child is beautiful. Meaning: Used for extremely idiot people. Meaning: The rich have valuables, the poor have troubles. – Turkish Proverbs [Crime does not pay after time. – English Proverb. – Turkish Proverbs, No matter how much snow falls, it won’t remain there all the way till summer. – Turkish Proverbs, He who is wasting away with trouble must seek remedy. -. – Turkish Proverbs, You never know till you have tried. [Everyone has his own way of doing things. Similar to tempest in a tea cup. – Turkish Proverbs, Every misfortune is a counsel. Havadan sudan “Of the air and water” Turks love to chat, often at length, and about nothing in particular. – Turkish Proverbs, God finds a low branch for the bird that cannot fly. (The one that falls in to the sea grabs even a snake.) When a person talks too much, it usually does not lead to action. – Turkish Proverbs, The bears in the mountains eat the best of pears. Meaning: People will attribute unrealistically good qualities to a person once he dies. – Turkish Proverbs, Pigs might fly if they had wings. Location: Southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia (Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. – Turkish Proverbs, Beauty cannot be by force. – Turkish Proverbs, It is the first step that is troublesome. * “Tencere dibin kara.” “Seninki benden kara.” – Turkish Proverbs, A rope breaks at a worn place. [Used to soften the blow when a friend needs to give some unpleasant advice. Turkish Culture Portal is Now Open Source, The Turkish Army as a Turkish Institution, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Turkey, German Academical Formalism and its Influence on the Historiography of Medieval Art and Architecture, TURKEY'S LITERARY LEGACY IN WORLD LITERATURE, THE SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL ERA EROTIC LITERATURE, TURKISH LITERATURE AFTER THE ADOPTION OF ISLAM, THE KINGS OF THE STATE OF MEANING AND DISCOURSE: THE OTTOMAN SCRIBAL SERVICE IN THE LATE 17TH CENTUR, VENTURING BEYOND EVLIYA ÇELEBI: THE BROADER WORLD OF TRAVEL IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, INFLUENCE OF WESTERN LITERATURE ON TURKISH LITERATURE, FUZULI WITH EXAMLES OF HIS WORK IN ENGLISH AND AZERI TURKISH. – Turkish Proverbs, As you sow, so (shall) you reap. Literal translation: (One does not cut cloth for a yet unborn child.). This is due to inheritance and the example observed closely and daily.”. – Turkish Proverbs, A guest does not get the food he expects but what he’s served. Literal translation: A reserved will not have sons and daughters. Literal translation: A hungry hen sees herself in a wheat silo. Literal translation: (If you give him cloth, he’ll ask for the lining.) Meaning: Used to remind that one should not go far ahead of events or make to many assumptions. – Turkish Proverbs, One needs muscles of iron to fight against love. Abdur Rahim Chelebi Used as response against somebody with a hurtful or evil wish. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: Trees bend when they are young. Refer to Ottoman history of early 20th century. Literal translation: Don’t tread on the tail of a sleeping snake. – Turkish Proverbs, A cheerful wife is the joy of life. – Turkish Proverbs, Two captains cause one ship to sink. * İtin (köpeğin) duası kabul olsaydı gökten kemik yağardı – Turkish Proverbs, A child is the fruit of a home. You have the ability to discover what’s the best way to experience love, cultivate it, and turn it into a positive force in your life. English equivalent: The dogs bark, but the caravan passes on. (An okka is a weight of 1282 gr, or 400 dirhem). Literal translation: (A bachelor feels like a sultan.) – Turkish Proverbs, You cannot know the wine by the cask [or barrel]. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t disclose your secret linen. – Turkish Proverbs, What will be, will be. ], Look not at the shape, look at the character. – Turkish Proverbs, Fish begins to stink at the head. – Turkish Proverbs, Today’s fowl is better than tomorrow’s goose. – Turkish Proverbs, If the bald knew a remedy he would rub it on his own head. – Turkish Proverbs, In the place where there are many cocks, the morning is early. Famous Quotes Me Quotes African Proverb Proverbs Quotes Thinking Quotes Interesting Quotes … * İyilik yap denize at, balık bilmezse halik bilir. – Turkish Proverbs. * Davulun sesi uzaktan hoş gelir. [It often happens. – Turkish Proverbs, If you speak the truth, keep a foot in the stirrup. – Turkish Proverbs, When the horse dies, the foal takes its place. Literal translation: What does one hand have? – Turkish Proverbs, He who has no bread has no authority. – Turkish Proverbs, Many will show the proper way after the carriage (variant: ox cart) has overturned. – Turkish Proverbs, Without provisions, one does not start upon a journey. – Turkish Proverbs, No man is his craft’s master the first day. ], A man is known by his friends. – Turkish Proverbs, The mouth of a young bird is big. – Turkish Proverbs, Friendship is a plant that must be often watered. – Turkish Proverbs, Do not leave undone what is in your power to do. Literal translation: (A tribulation is better than a hundred warnings.). – Turkish Proverbs, Long life has long misery. – Turkish Proverbs, For the birds that cannot soar, God has provided low branches. – Turkish Proverbs, You reap where you have sown. ], An empty sack will not stand up. – Turkish Proverbs, Better a calf of ones own than a jointly owned cow. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Archangels in the Zoroastrian Worldview - Cosmic Vibes, Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series- Part 1 Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways – SacredFireofKnowledge. Literal translation: Forced beauty wont do. Meaning: To express the insignificance of someones point in an argument. ], Health and wealth create beauty. ], You cannot get blood out of a stone. [The outsider may lack significan’t or telling information. Meaning: No need to say something when it is obvious. – Turkish Proverbs, He who has bitter in his breast spits not sweet. – Turkish Proverbs, Every departure has an arrival. Literal translation: Dogs bark but caravan still moves on. – Turkish Proverbs, An illness comes by the pound and goes away by the ounce. – Turkish Proverbs, A lake forms drop by drop. Meaning: A person is influenced by the company he keeps with. Published by the Friends of the University Library/ Southwest Collection. * Kaz gelecek yerden tavuk esirgenmez. ], Believe no tales from an enemy’s tongue. Literal translation: A liars candle will burn until bed-time. – Turkish Proverbs, He that knows least commonly presumes most. ], They put the nightingale in a golden cage, it still craved for its country. – Turkish Proverbs, Until the soup boils over, the ladle has no value. * İmam osurursa, cemaat sıçar. – Turkish Proverbs, A neighbors hen looks as big as a goose, and his wife as young as a girl. a piece of land). – Turkish Proverbs, Who has no intention to pray has no ears for the call to prayer. If a person seems oldish in his childhood, he may become childish in his old as if to make up for it. – Turkish Proverbs, One should measure a thousand times and cut once. ], A nail will come out, but its hole remains. Love Quotes on Falling In Love and Other Matters of the... February 10, 2020. – Turkish Proverbs * Olacakla öleceğe çare bulunmaz. [If you’re going to deal with an aggressive person, you ought to be ready for a fight. – Turkish Proverbs, An arrow once shot never comes back. – Turkish Proverbs, There is no garden without its weed. [Negligence causes loss. ], To speak of honey will not make the mouth sweet. – Turkish Proverbs, A old wolf does not lose his way. – Turkish Proverbs, He who saves his ship is the captain. Literal translation: You can tell a lion from where he dwells. ], A thief passes for a gentleman when stealing has made him rich. A fool dreams of wealth, a wise man, of happiness. Designed to help creative thinking for writers, speakers, artists, & quote lovers. [Skills might help a person get along. – Turkish Proverbs, A bird is not taken with the hand. – Turkish Proverbs, The granary is at the point of the plowshare. At the bottom part of of pages is a link to explanations of the markers. (It is easy to say “Come,” difficult to say “Go.”.) ], He that comes first to the hill may sit where he will. – Turkish Proverbs, The snake, unless he be straightened out, cannot enter his hole. Literal translation: (The rich man’s wealth tires the poor man’s jaw.). Literal translation: (It is more difficult than teaching a camel to jump (than to reason with fool).) – Turkish Proverbs, A day has an evening. Meaning: Somebody in charge of handling money or resources, get to keep or enjoy some benefits for himself. – Turkish Proverbs, The wolf eats of the sheep that have been warned. – Turkish Proverbs, God has created us brothers but has given us separate purses. [Many are like that. – Turkish Proverbs, In fair weather prepare foul. (The one who burns his mouth for drinking milk too hot, eats even yogurt carefully.) ], The tool works, the hand boasts. Meaning: If you are in a bad situation, you will accept any help. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Of everything else the newest; of friends, the oldest. Meaning: A stranded person will act subserviently in order to survive. (Hope is the bread of the poor.) Largest Collection of Proverbs from Around the World. – Turkish Proverbs, The arrow that is shot returns not back. Used to express the effectiveness of kind words as opposed to confrontation. – Turkish Proverbs, He who dreads fire, guards himself even from smoke.
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