Unfortunately, they're also very expensive, so unless you know a professional pastry chef who's willing to cut you a deal or make you a cake as a gift, you may end up blowing a lot of your budget on a custom cake. If I end up becoming a loser, her name will always be mentioned in bad terms. Not ending a sentence with a preposition is a bit of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put. To possess something at the end or as a result of something else. At many weddings, even attractive programs end up discarded after the ceremony. Tip: To make sure your groom doesn't end up covered in your lipstick when he gets to kiss the bride, try this trick. To take some course of action, perhaps reluctantly. If she carries on shoplifting, she'll end up in jail. Even brides who end up ordering the basic invitation and envelope often will make their own inserts for reception directions, RSVP cards, and hotel information. end up definition: 1. to finally be in a particular place or situation: 2. to finally be in a particular place or…. This process uses large amounts of leaves to end up with a small amount of concentrated essential oil. These storage items are designed to protect your scrapbooking supplies, but if they are stuffed with too many items, they can actually end up causing damage. It is the act of raising a voice at the end of a sentence that makes the statement sound like a question and is common in Australian and American accents. They may end up in a state of mind similar to paranoid psychosis, believing that others are plotting against them. The room is at the end of the hall. Practice: Meet the comma. No child of hers would end up like Rhyn—tormented, rejected, and abused! I tried to stop my other cat from going near him when he's using the litter box, but I often end up scaring him too. There are 50 example sentences for end up, and this page shows no. More example sentences. If you give away liberal shots of tequila at the door you'll end up with a few ' technical ' problems. His attempts to convince the chief minister for an inquiry also ends up in failure. Unscrupulous jewelers may pass off the total weight of the doublet as the weight of the stone and you will end up paying the opal's carat value for the total weight of the doublet, including the background stone or material. Learn more. ; Whoever has power to get inside that magic box has the power to write the story we end up believing. A sentence typically contains a subject (what the sentence is about) and a predicate (something about the subject). The end up with list of example sentences with end up with. The files do end up in the cups spool directory. If you prune your gardenia too soon, you'll end up cutting off the pretty blossoms. You don't want to end up running to the mall having to settle on a dress because your dream one didn't make it in time. I fear she's going to end up a lonely spinster with only a cat by her side for company. end up with (someone or something) 1. The good news is that it may still be available at Overstock.com, where discontinued and clearance items often end up. You must be careful, however, as you could unintentionally end up stuck with someone else's unfixed problems, e.g., poor steering, malfunctioning plumbing or a non-functional air conditioner, to name a few. The shapes of these pans are quite detailed, making it easy for the baker to follow outlines and shapes when decorating to end up with a finished cake that closely resembles the intended character. [VERB PARTICLE preposition/adverb] 2. phrasal verb. – Andrew Leach ♦ Jan 25 '13 at 15:03 Instead, explain how the ideas connect. end up: to end up verb (ends up, ended up, ending up) to end up. Last but not least, if setting a formal dining table is overwhelming, remember that the most important part of pulling off your formal event is making your guests feel welcome - no matter where you end up putting the salad fork! Your teen will end up with a room that they are proud of and you will have a fresh new space in your home. Take your time and learn how to buy an oven range that best fits your lifestyle and budget and you’ll end up with the ideal kitchen appliance for you and your family. ‘Mario led the race from beginning to end’. He went to Paris at the end of May. You can invest in a set of flannel sheets that will last for many years and end up saving on your heating bill. Remember these tips and you will end up loving your next purchase of women's dress boots. Perhaps one of the biggest fears people have when they are buying a car is that they will end up with a "lemon.". It can also correct grammatical errors and improve style issues in your writing, Spell check and punctuation checking is just part of its powerful algorithm. What I know is that our fates will end up in Darian's hands. Either one will give your room the right accent and ensure you end up with the modern touch you want. Officials said they expected to end up with a modest surplus. Acquainting yourself with the most popular tablet PCs will give you several points of reference, regardless of what type of tablet you end up purchasing. Family members might end up bumping into pieces of furniture and could possibly fall as a result of improperly placed furniture. Britney Spears finds a new man, but will this relationship end up as a complete train wreck like her relationships in the past? He's seriously putting me to sleep. In the Western world, and America in particular, we are obsessed with consumption and so end up producing more trash than the rest of the world. No child of hers would end up like Rhyn—tormented, rejected, and abused! Distance learning students may not have such opportunities, however, and could end up paying the costs of their courses out of pocket. How to use end-up in a sentence. See that the inner portion has a complete and full lining that is fixed to the shoe leather so that you don't end up with torn inner linings after some time. in the middle of a sentence, never at the beginning or end. they are treated as any other word, and the sentence needs to end with a period. Look carefully -- some places are much more reasonable than others, and a place that includes wrapping or boxing may end up saving you money even if at first glance the cost is higher. As a result, wedding aisle decorations may end up looking sparse or incomplete because there wasn't enough time or budget remaining to make them as elegant as the rest of the celebration. If you can not pay it, you could end up back in financial trouble. This is how compulsive liars end up believing their own lies. When we ended up recoding much of the pages ourselves, the design remained intact with far simpler code. There are several different factors that can influence the decorating decisions you make in your living room, and the only rule is that you end up with a living room that is truly you. For example, the sentence, “I.e. Your baby may end up face first in the punch bowl at some point in the evening, but if she does so while dressed in the most fantastic red velvet tiered gown, your party host may be more forgiving of such antics. There is no easy answer and if youâre not careful, your guests will end up bidding on a worthless fake. If you don't start dating more serious guys, you're going to end up with a doofus. She tied him up. But choose someone really dodgy and you could end up looking as trashy as they do. You can also search for the brands you like, and usually end up with a choice of shops that carry those labels. As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when creating a composite of Southwestern designs for your home, so you end up with the type of décor you want. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. When we ended up recoding much of the pages ourselves, the design remained intact with far simpler code. You can stir-fry your favorite meats with vegetables your family loves, and end up with a quick, healthy meal that makes you feel good about cooking at home! Of all the Guardians out there, how did I end up your personal adversary? In the North West however we will still end up with three forces which will not address fully the problem of cross border criminality. And if you contacted a lawyer or a local collection agency, you would probably end up spending a lot more money to get your debts settled. Both ‘put up with’ and ‘hard to come by’ are commonly accepted informal phrases, and it’s OK to end sentences with them. If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident . Surely it's possible to be so well-informed that you end up knowing everything about nothing very much. While some nurseries end up looking like relaxing clouds where everything from the walls to the linens is white, others are entirely outfitted in Winnie the Pooh gear or painted in bright shades of pink or yellow. You may want to save certain shots for after the formal ones and after the ceremony, in case water covers the bottom of your dress, or you end up covered in sand. Many biodegradable bags are also Eco friendly, meaning that they don't give off harmful chemicals as they do break down making them safe for landfills, oceans or wherever they ultimately end up. Invitations often end up being a larger part of the wedding budget than many brides anticipate. I never imagined we'd end up like this. By focusing most of your time on the items in quadrant two, far fewer items that didn't start out as emergencies will end up falling into quadrant one. You'll end up with a unique cake and help make the birthday party a true occasion to remember. use "end up" in a sentence I don't like going to auctions because I always end up bidding more than I should for stuff. You will end up spending money at some point, and hefty interest charges may apply. They may be attracted by the sweet smell of a glass of wine, and could end up with alcohol poisoning as a result. Instead, only write down the things that you must do- not the things you'd like to do This way, you're guaranteed not to end up with a lengthily list (there usually aren't that many things that need to be done right away). It can end up making for an even more special occasion, which is what you want. Guy 2, sounds awesome as well, but if you aren't really attracted him, don't go down that road, because you'll end up hurting his feelings, and that's not cool. clingle we fully expected the super high roof Sprinter to end up on its side, it clung doggedly to the surface. If we take her too seriously we'll all end up in a mental hospital I really think that you and your high school sweetheart will end up together. You may end up clarifying your thoughts the more you write, so having a rough draft will help you clarify the points of your message. If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident. up ( 0) down ( 5) Sentence count:188+3 Posted: 2016-07-18 Updated: 2016-12-13. One person might lose his or her job and end up homeless; another might continue in a high-level profession while his or her personal life falls apart. It was for Katie and someone else, someone you killed. Most stations had one of the Guardians—or Naturals—capable of Traveling great distances the way he did, by using magic to slip through space and time and end up elsewhere. To reach some conclusion, state, or situation due to a particular course of action. No matter what you end up buying for Easter this year, your daughter will feel like a million dollars if you affirm how beautiful she looks in her dress on this special day. I end up loving the silly piece that is ' At The DDU ' . If it doesn't end up with perfectly horizontal spectra then something has gone wrong. If you drink enough vino rosso, a treat after the wilderness, you might even end up buying one. Sentence with the word end up. In this usage, a noun … It can be tough to juggle busy work schedules with course deadlines and assignments, but it's one way to end up with less debt and help offset tuition costs. Definition of end-up phrasal verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. You might like your son's new jacket so much that you end up finding a toggle coat for yourself as well! That is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put; This is insubordination, up with which I will not put! The inability to make a short turn on a narrow trail might mean that you will end up having a close encounter with a tree. If you want to pay the cheapest price, you will probably end up … Make sure you are honest with yourself before you start, as you could end up causing problems that cost more to fix than the money you saved by purchasing the kits. The company should insure its workers because if uninsured workers end up in the ER, the burden falls on society, not the company. ended up in a position. I called him up. Practice: Three ways to end a sentence. But if you are serving yourself and someone else, or an entire family, you likely end up toasting at least four pieces of bread at the same time. Set up the next paragraph. We often end up tuning him out. RELATED ( 20 ) ends up in a position. When putting together a soup or casserole, for instance, there's some room to add a little more here, a little less there, and you can still end up with something delicious. Someone like you is going to end up in our private society anyway. I know it's crazy, but I like to know where some things end up. It is very easy to spend a lot of money and end up with a room that doesn't look very different at all, so make your plan and stick to it. "End of Sentence" (a fiction-workshoppy title that undersells the film's richness; these men are prisoners of their conditioning, you see) is at its best when it places its main characters—and various supporting characters, including a beautiful young drifter named Jewel (Sarah Bolger), who has a hard-luck story and a heavenly voice—in a situation and watches them behave. Regardless of the artist, all the subjects seem to end up looking stern. As you walk up Ash Lane don't take the first gate signposted Tara Center or you'll end up on the woodland walk. Keep the following tips in mind and you may not end up with something that you will later regret having purchased. When you start composting, you'll be able to use things that might otherwise end up in landfills as organic fertilizer for your lawn and garden. You definitely don't want to overmix the dough or it will end up crumbly. Am I so bad that I end up married to the devil? How to use end up with in a sentence. end-up example sentences. Be careful not to grind it too much, otherwise you'll end up with a pate-like substance. They are introduced with either a colon or full stop and each point has normal sentence punctuation. True or False: It is always incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition. end up in a bunker. Cook choux pastry in a medium heat and you will probably end up with a tray of rather chewy flat biscuits. Be aware that tropical bamboos can end up with rotted roots or disease from over watering. Whatever dress you end up buying, feel confident in the knowledge that your wedding day is more about your connection with people and your wedding vows than any flowers, venue, or dress. Sam is going on a gap year and plans to start in Europe and end up in South East Asia. Most Naturals end up immortal or at least, age slowly, if they mate with Guardians. Sundresses don't have any sleeves, and the length can vary quite considerably and still end up looking 'just right'. The only drawback: if you place a very low bid, you may not get a taker at all, and end up taking a more expensive ticket close to the day you leave. end up verb (ends up, ended up, ending up) to end up. Try having friends pick out dresses for each other, and you might end up surprised at what you buy. Too small a unit and the keys get crammed onto a small keypad, and if your finger is too big you'll end up pressing several keys instead of one. Ken was concerned that we would end up with a very skewed distribution of printer ages by the time we occupied the new building. I never thought we'd end up like this. You’re familiar with this … Those remaining on the sidelines may well end up as losers. Viewers will get a first-hand look at Baio's mid-life crises, faced with the realization that he hasn't been able to commit to the right woman and may end up alone. Many men end up wearing diapers unable to ever have sex again. An w'? They 're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they 're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. Over that period of time, you may end up paying as much, or more, in interest than the amount originally charged on the card. 4. Another word for wind up. Be careful not to over do this design element or you'll end up with a funhouse effect of too many reflections. Making sure your pup has plenty of items to play with will greatly reduce the chances that your shoes and furniture will end up getting too much of your pet's attention. But that doesn't mean you won't have maybe four or five different punctures on a given nut, so you may end up with at least a hundred or more maggots in a shuck. When this happens, dogs end up in shelters or even abandoned. You will just end up with more debt to pay back later. Whether you go into the wedding with a specific location in mind or you're open to anywhere, there are a few things that must be dealt with, no matter where you end up going. Your critics should be left at home, or you may end up regretting your choice of dresses. end up in a place. He should've known he'd end up liking someone past-Death hated. While taking some risks and the ability to think for yourself is part of growing up, teens who gravitate toward self-destructive behavior often end up feeling on edge and out of control. end up sentence in English. Fill it up. Just taking the time to go slow, really consider a product, research the ingredients, and buy in small quantities can end up saving both your face and your bank account a fair amount of agony. Stand up! There are 50 example sentences for end up, and this page shows no. end up sentence in English. Anyone who worked for Rod Workham on Project Venus was likely to end up with a bad name. Financing or leasing will end up costing much more than just purchasing a unit itself. Walk around it, and you'll end up in the mortal world. She fled with her children, moving from neighbor to neighbor and ending up in a friend's basement. Don't be mean with fabric, otherwise curtains will end up looking skimpy. I get up at 6:30. RELATED ARTICLES Previous vb 1. to become eventually; turn out to be: he ended up a thief. If you lower your price below the price you paid for the stock, you will end up losing money instead of making money on your investment. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Most of the things that end up in our recycle bins could have been used a few more times before they got gross and had to be thrown away. We missed the last train home and ended up getting a taxi. You may end up paying hefty fees for rush jobs. It may yet end up as a referendum on the ballot. Our most prolific reviewer will end up with $100. end up synonyms, end up pronunciation, end up translation, English dictionary definition of end up. exact ( 4 ) Don't end up in a skip. No matter why these dogs end up in rescue, each one can thrive in the right home. Most stations had one of the Guardians—or Naturals—capable of Traveling great distances the way he did, by using magic to slip through space and time and end up elsewhere. end up in a coma. and please explain the difference between finally, eventually and end up in easy English and some sentences too for better understanding thanks We invite you to get inspired on Sentence Club! Don't stand up. Have fun, be creative, and you will no doubt end up with the perfect gift! Others end up as domestic workers, market vendors and prostitutes. contour lines, you'll end up with a picture similar to below. She hadn't thought so, but then again, she never expected to end up in Hell. If you work with the wrong one, you could end up worse off than before you started, no matter how Christian the service claims to be. A woman applying makeup in a red room can end up putting on far too much and looking more made up than she intended. He will not end up there because basically, NUFC and Freddie Shepherd in particular will not bankroll huge transfer fees without success? i ended up liking. 2. phrasal verb. 5. Despite regulations and the effort of environmental organizations to educate the public, many hazardous items that require special handling when being discarded end up in landfills. This includes shipping and handling, repair, alterations, tax, etc. She could end up as a member of the working poor. Whether it's an unintentional bikini slip while a star is on vacation or a high-profile wardrobe mishap during a publicized event, many celebrities end up flashing a lot more skin than they had originally intended. end up in a relationship. RELATED ( 4 ) ended up in a skip. From lime green to juicy orange, the choices are numerous, and if you take a risk, you may end up looking like Reese Witherspoon at the 2007 Golden Globes; the color is that brilliant. Children end up on the streets for a variety of reasons, often interlinked. A sentence is a group of words that is complete in meaning. Example sentences with the word end-up. He ended up a thief. yielding brands and end up getting the same dose. Nobody wants to get lost and end up in a homeless shelter, but you may if y..... looking for the rest of it? Eagle Pack is a promising option that may end up being your dog's lifelong diet. I think they'll end up all over me like limpets. You'll end up with a great gift that is usable for years to come. end example sentences. The lamp may end up illuminating the end of a table, or the side, rather than sitting directly above the center. Some creative scrappers become so fascinated with the tool's capabilities that they end up creating unbelievable products. As it was, it was like watching bad karaoke, and I end up going back to my tent. bifocal spectacles you end up like a nodding donkey trying to focus on different parts of a screen! Nearly all cathode ray tubes disposed of from domestic households end up in landfill. It's not unusual to end up with far too many pictures to easily scrapbook, but it can be hard to narrow them down to just a few photos. This can have serious consequences for the victim since he or she can end up with false information in his or her medical file which could lead to misdiagnoses and mistakes in future treatment. I give up. If you can arrange your bachelorette or bachelor party for a weeknight, or settle for a weeknight wedding, you'll end up with significant savings on your limo rental. First, you will want to make sure that the glue works well with your ceiling (sometimes, even smooth ceilings will begin to chip under the weight of the tiles - meaning they could end up falling on your head!). ‘"Last year marked the tail end of a bad downturn in the electronics business, " he says.’. And I won't share how to counter her mutation so you don't end up at Sasha's feet. If you are going through a divorce, it is smart to consult with an attorney even if you end up representing yourself in the case. How does the story end up? Example Sentences They are fun places full of young people where, ultimately, you always end up making new friends. If you eat too many carbs, you'll end up feeling sluggish and have trouble concentrating in your classes. The whole gang would end up jumping him and he would beat up each and every one, always careful to hold back enough so as not to kill anyone. I shall end up this interesting and instructive article with a rather more difficult illusion. They will climb without any consideration for the trip down, which is why so many cats end up stuck in a tree. What looks like a great deal initially when you start pricing carpets may end up being a not so good deal when you factor in labor costs. ... Up Next. Definition of 'end up'. The teacher gave the unruly student a caveat; if he continued to misbehave he would end up in detention. ‘He held his end up gracefully, and even more kudos to him for being able to flirt in a foreign language.’ ‘You have to be able to keep your end up in an argument and show that your position is consistent.’ ‘The girls keep their end up but are really in a different league.’
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