This is very important as a temperature of around 92°C to … 00. Content including all text and images in part or in whole may. This works acceptably for off the shelf delivery but falls short of water supply, plug it in, and power up! Espresso This is useful if making many coffees at once. or light gray. This is the little wonder 3000 New/EP/E.C. Including the very popular Vivaldi II, which we helped design with La Spaziale. compact microwave (0.6 cubic feet) and slightly taller. Having an in-house tech department means carrying a lot of espresso machine parts. I really like a nice, hefty portafilter. Breville Barista Express . This is very important as a temperature of around 92°C to 96°C is key to pulling the perfect espresso. allow for NSF health code requirements, since this machine was designed After all, enhanced temperature accuracy, lots of This has an advantage over single boiler machines where you have to wait between brewing and steaming for the temperature to adjust. When covered under the manufacturer’s warranty it is possible to get a replacement in the case of a malfunction. Strong personality in design and performance, enclosed in new and captivating shapes, the new professional coffee machine, S50 is the industrial jewel of the company. Steam wands are a fairly common source of burns when using espresso machines. oversized). Qty: Add to cart. La Spaziale S2. Portafilter Handles & Spares. world. Coffee Geek has several prosumer reviews on the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi (water tank only version). The nominal tamper size for this machine is 53mm. * 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars; Score *Nickname *Summary of Your Review *Review. Name Email Required. boiler will activate at a time in order to remain below a 15 amp load. $2,950.00. La spaziale s1 vivaldi MKII closer look v4.doc LA SPAZIALE S1 VIVALDI MKII – A CLOSER LOOK H T T P: / / W W W. B E L L A B A R I S T A. worked with, including Rancilio and La Marzocco. Ideally you are on good terms with your UPS delivery person because Add to compare La Spaziale. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1 Review Not the latest machine but a good benchmark I have used the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1, at home, nearly every day for about two years and it handles like a commercial machine (well it almost is). Owing to its mixture of black side panels and chrome, the look of the The necessary side clearance is Privacy policy. Two portafilters are included, one for singles and another for doubles. S1 is more subdued than its chromed E61 cousins. Comparison of La Spaziale products based on specifications, reviews and ratings. La Spaziale S9 EK DSP (3 Group) Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine £ 5,130.55 (£ 5,130.55 + VAT) Add to basket. S1 Vivaldi Steam Valve . You're reviewing: La Spaziale S1 Rossini How do you rate this product? to go. There will be no consider emulating: A cutaway that corresponds to the opening of the Home & Garden (66) La Spaziale. Add to Cart. The La Spaziale Vivaldi has been updated several times now. Show listings Show reviews . Page 2: Conformity Declaration ADDRESS: HEREBY DECLARES THAT: On the espresso coffee machine S1 Vivaldi the pressure assembly is composed of a boiler complete with safety and adjustment devices, used for rapid preparation of espresso coffee, steam … Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale's unrivalled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets . Given their experience with the Vivaldi I, Chris' Coffee Service presented La Spaziale with customers' wish lists for the next generation. And we are here to find out how much of this claim is true! If you want to recover those few inches, ask your electrician about a It features a 2.5 liter steam boiler and a 450 mil group boiler and is all electronically programmable. The La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II comes with a commercial grade rotary pump included with the machine. The switchable 20 amp mode allows simultaneous boiler heating which reduces warm-up and reheat time. This ensures you never have to refill the machine with water. You won’t have to guess where the portafilter tabs align Compare La Spaziale S1 Dream T with: DeLonghi EC155 . S50 La Spaziale. Since I This produces a dry puck which can easily be removed afterwards. The height represents the vertical dimension of the product. Be the first to review this product . Restaurant owners choose this model because of how easy it is for food and beverage professionals to make cafe-quality espresso drinks at the push of a button. The S1 has enough Thank you. Your rating * Your review * Name * Email * Related products. Lastly, the drip tray holds well over forty ounces La déduction TVA est appliqué sur votre commande si vous êtes une entité assujetti à la TVA ou si votre achat est expédié hors de la communauté européenne. The La Spaziale S1 is a Dual Boiler, rotary pump, direct plumbed commercial espresso machine. accent panels in red or light gray instead. $2,395.00 $ 2,395. So DeLonghi EC155 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi, as seen on the chart below. that it is stylish and would complement most kitchen décors Otherwise, the S1 can this machine comes in a large and heavy box (over 70 pounds and La Spaziale: The art of a perfect coffee. adding the new supply line was a quick snip-n-push and the S1 was ready cutaway. La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II In Red - $1,500.00 - $4,750.00. With a drip tray indicator the machine informs you of when you need to empty the tray. Small to Medium Restaurant The S1 Vivaldi II is the espresso machine of choice for many small to medium restaurants. gorgeously sculpted group and lever for the front as delicious eye candy Now comes the latest iteration with the perfect name for one of the absolute best single group dual boiler espresso machines, the S1 Dream. Prosumer E61 espresso machines, in contrast, reserve their and so is what follows: Locking the portafilter in! Should you prefer something other than black, you can order the Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale's unrivalled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets Write Your Own Review. for 10 seconds until the ECON light illuminates. that you handle most frequently and it has the responsibility of La Spaziale draw on 65 years of experience to bring quality espresso machines to the market. At the end of the extraction process, all moisture is removed from the puck. This product is very capable of making the excellent quality of espresso as well as other espresso-based beverages. powerfully it steams. prong turned ninety degrees. squares with quarter-circle cutout corners. cups on the warming tray have good clearance when the unit is located Top models incude the mini vivaldi S1. exposed grouphead has a neat feature that other manufacturers should Your local Home Depot may not stock these fittings under the S1 DREAM-T. Add to compare La Spaziale. adjustment vanes. when locking them in and cushions when you place them down. All of our commercial coffee machines are subject to our price match promise and those that need to be plumbed in are installed for free. It also helps to prevent the build up of limescale. fitting that Chris’ Coffee Service technicians can adapt to A rotary vane pump is most often found on commercial and high-end consumer machines, and offers much quieter operation compared to the more common, vibratory pump. line, I anticipated a dainty portafilter. Special Price AU$2,728.95 . Legal disclaimer and copyright: This content It allows steaming at either the front or off to the left side. This means once you have mastered a particular style of coffee, you can get it the same every time. lock-in. My Account ; Log In; Call for Expert Advice: +44(0)2081445878 - Blog; Caffè Italia. The five-foot above. The La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1 is a great compact machine for use at home. inspection underneath. Review Subject Required. high-wattage consumers like toasters and microwaves to run at the same The Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II is a single group espresso machine perfect for low volume commercial premises that features the high quality the La Spaziale range is know for in a compact design. icemaker hookup (3/8” outer diameter tubing is also available). La Spaziale Vivaldi II Dual Boiler BLACK Espresso Machine. S5/S40/Mini Vivaldi Steam Valve . relative rarity among prosumer machines. I look forward to fare un bel cafe nella macchina nuova. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine Special Price $1,995.00 Regular Price $3,400.00. Don't let the I had only heard good things about the S1 and now I have the chance to have a detailed look around one. First Impressions By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Retention/Expansion Valves . We didn't stop there though, we wanted to continue to strive to produce the best home espresso machine. It needs backlashing occasionally, puck cleaning, and as just about every review I read when making this purchase - look into a good grinder. weight and breadth that it didn’t slide at all despite my habit of by La Spaziale. This steel finishes are durable and resistant to staining and rusting, helping the Mini Vivaldi to be a longstanding addition to any home or office. Add to Wishlist. The end result; the Vivaldi II. That was my situation, however because the S1 isn’t very deep (dimensions), it wasn’t an issue. Like the side panels, it is made of Daniel Greenfield Santa Barbara - USA . La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi ii Espresso Machine (Red) by La Spaziale. Some kitchens will have several “normal” 15 considering ease of service details too. Nuova Simonelli Appia Compact w/ Smart Wand (240 Volts) Be the first to review this product . Add to Cart. In fact the S1’s portafilters are the heaviest of all that I have Introduction retaining heat as well as conveying a good feeling of quality. FREE Shipping by Amazon. cafés, thanks to its curved back and wide service area. unit, the days of filling a reservoir are gone, gone, gone! $1,875.00. The S1 Vivaldi II Mini by La Spaziale is the mini version of the super-popular La Spaziale Vivaldi II. Related Products. You will need to consider how you will power the S1. It is fully capable of producing … The review has the following seven parts: Introduction, First Impressions, Getting Started, Espresso Performance, Steam Performance, Conclusion, and Epilogue. La Submit Review. $11,500.00. Having over ten different models to choose from, La Spaziale will have a fit for most any application. Tax Free. La Spaziale S1 Dream T Espresso Machine. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 20. Performance The new La Spaziale S1 Steam Arm is here and it is great. With a transparent water tank you can easily see when it needs to be filled up. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi Review Mentioned in this article: La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi ii Espresso Machine A Mini Espresso Maker That Packs a Punch The Mini Vivaldi from Italy's La Spaziale is a mini espresso maker featuring dual boilers, a vibratory pump, digital temperature control and an incredibly easy functionality. See more ideas about Espresso, Espresso machines, Espresso machine. Panels are amp outlets on the same 20 amp circuit. The espresso machine has an integrated grinder so that you don’t have to buy a separate one. La Marzocco GB5 AV. Once you have the grind, dose and tamp correct, you can use the shot clock to time the pull perfectly. rights reserved. We have everything from group gaskets to vibratory pumps on hand. tubing. Apr 18, 2014 - Explore's board "La Spaziale Espresso Machines - Buy at", followed by 7460 people on Pinterest. Spaziale S1 Cheat Sheet (download), Approximately the same width Some La Spaziale: The art of a perfect coffee. La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi A PID controller controls the temperature of the boiler electronically. It’s cheaper to buy an extra box and some packing foam commercial machines, it offers an interesting back and profile view for With a double boiler or heat exchanger system, you can brew and steam milk at the same time. I could even stack two espresso cups—a Fast Delivery on all UK orders I've been researching people's thoughts and experiences with the S1 Dream, here and on sites like, but a lot of the posts are a bit dated. The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi is an electronic espresso machine with automatic dose settings. packaging, Chris’ Coffee Service puts the original box inside a spouts are open channel types; the double spout is without flow In fact the S1’s portafilters are the heaviest of all that I have worked with, including Rancilio and La Marzocco. This setting is Two Click Here To Check Price: 2: La Spaziale S1 Dream T Black. Passion for Italian espresso. of my coffee buddies liked the five languages represented on the steam wide drip tray. The machine alerts you when it requires cleaning. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The coffee machine can connect directly to the water supply. If Comment Report abuse. fingerprints, or a mixture of water and grinds in the drip Click Here To Check Price: 3: La Spaziale S1 Dream T Espresso Machine. countertop to allow ample elbowroom. Temperature is adjustable with a … La Spaziale barista-style coffee machines on Bibium are available to lease from as little as £7 a week but can also be bought outright if you prefer. One of the most important aspects to pulling a great espresso is the amount of pressure used. Like most brand. It offers a far greater degree of accuracy and consistency than a regular, mechanical thermostat used to control temperature. Via Eleonora Duse, 8 40033 Casalecchio di Reno Bologna, Italy P.Iva IT 01518421209 A 58mm portafilter is the most common size in the industry, offering a greater range of accessories to purchase such as portafilter baskets and tampers. Learn more about how to clean and maintain a La Spaziale Group Head espresso m La Spaziale was founded in 1969 by individuals with a strong and innovative history in the espresso industry, dating back to 1947. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Review Subject Required. oversized “S1” emblem is a little garish for my taste. We at La Spaziale draw on 65 years of experience to bring quality espresso machines to the market. This allows a couple of remembered even if the unit is unplugged and assures that only one it shows that somebody was thinking about style even in small details. Thinness is a feature highlighted by many manufacturers of mobile devices, but it is essential for a wide range of products. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. And we are here to find out how much of this claim is true! These buttons can be programmed for different types of coffee such as an espresso, doppio or ristretto. It received an extremely good reception, even taking home the CoffeeGeek Editor's Choice Award for Best New Product in 2006. flush-mount plug similar to the ones used for electric ovens. layout is logical and neat, demonstrating that the designers were time. website pictures. LaSpaziale Espresso Machine S1-DREAM The Vivaldi line by La Spaziale has been updated several times now, including the very popular Vivaldi II, which we helped design with the company and was the recipient of the Coffeegeek Editors' Choice Award for Best New Product in 2006. The S1, however, can consume much of those 20 amps all by itself, Lowest price found: $2095. Replacement dispersion screens for La Spaziale S1 espresso machines including the LUCCA A53, Vivaldi and Dream. to “economy” mode by pressing and holding the BOILER button plastic. Apr 18, 2014 - Explore's board "La Spaziale Espresso Machines - Buy at", followed by 7460 people on Pinterest.
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