1. Two more books. #kotlc many sacrifices for each other. Fintan joins them and agrees to work with the newly formed and newly-recruiting Neverseen in order to get rid of the Black Swan. He would've, no, he had gone through hell and back *cough* *cough* Neverseen, offence intended, for her. True. This theory is based on the book that Keefes dad, Lord Sencen, wrote. Her use of “need” has puzzled me even before flashback, as she seems to be implying we need Fitzphie. It's one of the purest ships (That I believe will be canon, but I still believe in you Fitz!) Cliffhanger:  I'm not completely sure. And she spends time with him after Exile because she starts to like the real Keefe, not just because of his ability or his looks. Sophie bit her lip. Any plot or relationship holes? "What? Frankly, I can't wait for his reaction, and I hope it does sever their connection at least slightly. In book 4, their relationship was a bit messy. He felt the emotions that were from her heart. (Pg.20) 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive … Hours. Keefe is more likable. My reasoning is that it makes her much more likely to end up with Keefe. Vespera found it, but found it too "inelegant" and made Nightfall in Atlantis. Fitz told her to hold his hand while they light leaped and Sophie's heart fluttered. We look at Sokeefe, and it's truly something. Keefe is going to need all the help he can get, and you better believe him and Sophie will be scheming rescue missions together. He got everything Family Fame Her. "Also, I'm bored. "Your eyes," she murmured, blushing, as her thumbs skimmed across his freckled cheeks. If Fitz hadn't said that? "Keeeefe," she groaned. Sokeefe, though, even after Keefe unknowingly put Sophie in danger numerous times,and even betrayed them, she didn't stop trusting him. (Not to mention “I will wear her down someday. He stayed with her. Fitz is always too proud. And she has a plan. He needs her. Who needs a happy ending the most? Maybe his sanity finally shatters from grief, and Sophie goes nuts trying to bring him back. For example, in Neverseen, when she thought about telling Fitz she liked him, she was worried about his reaction, and she even thought he might laugh. He often takes out his anger on her and shuts her out. As she's searching for part of him, she sees a gold memory, and realizes just how much he cared about her, and how hard it must have been for him when Sophie and Fitz were kinda-dating. 1 Who does Sophie kiss? your own Pins on Pinterest At Alden’s funeral. "Thanks for the ego boost," he said, grinning widely as Sophie groaned, and leaned in for another kiss. But the issue still remains. ), #keefesencen He's picked up a lot of emotions from Sophie before even she realized she was having them--and this isn't even when she's enhancing him. She starts hanging out with Keefe more, because Dex is gone with Tinker, and they get to be really close friends--nothing more, because Keefe is keeping to his promise about only doing what she wanted. He needs something in his life to go right. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________. She finds Keefe fun, handsome, and all the good things that Fitz is NOT. Well beauty isn't that important, the elves are all attractive anyways, the more important thing is the person's personality. Sophie doesn't just like Keefe for shallow reasons. Everyone gets back to safety (except Tam RIP) and hold a funeral. Sophie and Fitz have a fight. But something like. Shannon did not have to have Sophie tell Dex "So your head may be telling you one thing, but deep down, the rest of you wants something else". No. And in Neverseen, Sophie and Keefe grow even closer. It would also resolve part of the plot that doesn’t need to be resolved now. Jul 29, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Tamera Fairfield. "Your stupid face," Sophie mumbled, heating up under his disbelieving stare. Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. "I'm flattered," Keefe muttered. Sophie grinned. That's why I vote Keefe over Fitz.
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