The largemouth bass is quite edible and will bless your table with a taste you’ll not forget quickly. Are they also called stripers. White Bass seem temp sensitive, so be sure they don't get warm (I prefer them through the ice). Catch and release efforts encourage anglers to put back some if not all of the bass they’ve caught. To break free when hooked, this fish will breach the water surface and become airborne. White bass are carnivores. You’ll find this fish very active when the water is cooler and the sun isn’t as bright. POST YOUR COMMENT. I hope that this article helped you in deciding for yourself whether or not white bass are good. Ensure that you clean it as soon as you catch it. You MUST remove the red flesh along the lateral line before cooking - this is very strong tasting, but the white meat is delicious!! Some … The largemouth bass has white meat with a firm, tender texture. Because of this, you might not have a cooler with crushed ice on hand. Bass fishing can be done from May through July using live bait such as crayfish, jigs, minnows, and spinnerbaits. You can grill it, fry it, or add it to other recipes. It’s smell also makes it unsuitable for indoor cooking. There’s actually a lot of hypocrisy out there when it comes to people saying to not eat bass. I?m obsessed with all things related to fishing, even the fishy smell. This time of year if we are going to keep any we like to throw them on ice instead of in the live well. For freshwater drum, adults are advised to limit consumption to three 8-ounce meals per month. They prey on smaller fish such as minnows and shad. ! In short, Yes, White Bass are good to eat. They are not bad to eat, I prefer pickled but many recipes such as deep frying, smoking, grilling etc... will work just fine. NCkenner, need2befishin LIKED above post 11-18-2020, 05:32 PM #10. They can be found in weeds eating crawdads, bluegills, bird fledglings, and snakes at times. The best way to keep your white bass fresh is by keeping it in a cooler filled with crushed ice. I generally don't eat green trout. I think his overall point was he didn’t want to see the mille lacs bass population go the way of the walleye. When not frightened, they will bite readily at live bait such as worms and minnows. I catch a ton of them and they look really clean so im wondering, Does anyone like to eat white bass if so what's a good way to cook them and don't say smoke them cause everything taste good smoked lol. The largemouth bass is also known as the green trout, southern largemouth, bucket mouth bass, or the Florida bass. I love fishing and have been fishing for years now and I have to say that white bass is one of the most common catches I get. This blog is a collection of my experiences, knowledge, and also research from other blogs. The Lake St.Clair Network: Is white bass good to eat? However, the answer might also depend on your personal preference. I use them for cut bait when I can't find shad and they have a very firm, white meat that looks a lot like a big crappie. - The Lake St.Clair Network. Most people who fish for bass do it for the sport instead of subsistence and abide by the catch and release philosophy. If you’re an angler who knows what to do with the white bass then it can be a real treat to have on your dinner table. They will also eat small crustaceans and invertebrates. Fishing is not my passion, it is my lifestyle. If a fish doesn’t meet the minimum length, you have to let it go. Fishing in the early morning or late evenings are considered the best time for catching largemouth bass since they're not very active when the sun is up and the water warm. One reason that bass isn't as popular to eat is that some people don’t like how it tastes. The largemouth bass is one of the most prized catches for sport anglers. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. If you are still inexperienced with handling this fish, you may just follow the tips above to not waste good fish meat. Imported Catfish. But I understand why some people prefer not to eat white bass. Best Fishing Hat: Top 5 Picks On The Market For 2018, What Do Minnows Eat? Being a good angler doesn’t just mean that you can catch fish well, it also means that you know how to prepare the fish for cooking. Managing white bass starts as soon as you catch it. Fish can absorb contaminants such as polychlorinated biphenyls that can be found in polluted rivers or lakes. 1; 2; DISPLAYING 1 TO 10 OF 17 POSTS. Keeping the white bass cooled down is the key to getting it prepped for cooking and to tasting better. The White Bass is probably one of the most common catches that you can get. The catch and release philosophy is popular as it helps keep the bass population up by ensuring future fishing stock. They are very good tasting fish. Happy Fishing!!!! White bass have also been known to feed on zooplankton and aquatic insects. Juvenile white bass are known to eat a wide variety of larvae, bugs, and crayfish. Once you have your fillet you can store it in the freezer for up to two months. FILTER OPTIONS. Be careful when removing the skin and don’t overcook it. There are many types of whitefish in the world. Women of childbearing age and children under 12 should limit consumption to one 4-ounce meal per month. White Bass are the start to a great fish fry!
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