A goddess of incredible power, she was once a vital member of Sigmar’s pantheon. She turned new living Isha and was admited as the new queen by Ariel's/Isha's daughters Naestra and Arahan, and then by Orion and all the other Asrai. Alarielle the Everqueen is the Godess of Life. [1] [2] Unlike many of the previous Everqueens, Alarielle has been active in the wars of the High Elves, having been nearly captured at the beginning of her reign. Some time later Alarielle had traveled back to Avelorn concerned about the fate of Ulthuan. Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood was one of the survivors of the End Times and ascended into a full-fledged deity, protector of the Realm of Ghyran.She created the Sylvaneth through her soul-pods. Villainous BSoD: In The End Times V: Archaon, she has one when Alarielle uses the healing magic of Ghyran on her mind, clearing it of her madness and thereby stopping her final blow just long enough for the Everqueen to kill her. Kouran Darkhand Alarielle the Radiant is the eleventh Everqueen of the High Elves. Eventualy Ariel had died and her divine spark had passed to Alarielle who was nearby. The End Times have come - Archaon the Everchosen leads the Chaos hosts in a storm that comes crashing down on the world, determined to end it once and for all. The races of the world rush to stop the forces of Chaos, but as they do ancient truths and lies emerge. For Alarielle in the World-That-Was see: Allarielle. After the Dark Gods invaded Ghyran she became withdrawn and cold.
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