On TikTok there is an alt side and a straight side. For example, ‘look for the gummy bear album in stores on November 13th, with lots of music, videos, and extras’ except they have emojis in it. An Alt TikTok quiz can be found here, and tells you whether you are on Alt TikTok or straight TikTok. Deep TikTok can be said as a subdivision of Alt TikTok which has its own sets of peculiar and eccentric definitions of “funny” and niche topics. This quiz tells you which side you are on, straight or alt. … Straight TikTok is the opposite of Alt TikTok, and if you are on the ‘straight’ side you are more likely to find your For You page filled with dancing videos and Hype House members. Take the quiz. There's a war going on between the two houses of TikTok, and it stems from the most basic of entertainment rivalries.The debate between Straight TikTok and Alt TikTok has spilled over into Twitter arguments, spreading awareness of this most important of distinctions.. TikTok started as Musically but its true roots, for some, are in Vine. On the alt side, there are these random sounds that people turn into TikTok comments with random emojis as well. Apple. They think the poster is fishing for compliments They think the poster is fishing for compliments . Alt TikTok might be trying to gatekeep access right now, but if the straight TikTokers are already trying to break in, it could just mean a new wave of TikTok is … Alt TikTok videos might not have as many views as Straight Tok, aka, mainstream content made by popular influencers or viral videos. Other alt-right stars are tepidly beginning to build a TikTok presence, having been hounded off other social media platforms. It is a part of TikTok that has been marked by the users of the app rather than the company itself and it is an ideology rather than an acute physical place. Take the Alt TikTok Quiz. What does it mean if someone comments this emoji on a TikTok?
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