This farm level assessment report is for net pen barramundi production in Van Phong Bay, Central Vietnam, which began operations in 2007 and currently produces approximately 2,000 tons per annum. Barramundi (aquaculture) 24.05.17. Meet just a few of the people who are responsible for getting Australis Barramundi to you. Australis Aquaculture Vietnam (AAV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based Australis Aquaculture LLC. The barramundi is farmed in ocean waters off Van Phong Bay, Vietnam, and certified sustainable by third-party organisation BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices). The Australian Barramundi Farmers Association has adopted product quality standards to address the issue of highly variable product quality in the Australian market. Australis grows barramundi in a … With over 200 employees and still growing, we are as diverse as we are passionate. Combining a deep understanding of Barramundi biology with state-of-the-art technology and a scientific approach to fish raising, MainStream Aquaculture operates the world’s largest Barramundi hatchery, and is one of Australia’s leading growers of Barramundi in Australia and the world. After the episode aired on 10 February, Josh Goldman, CEO of Australis Aquaculture, wrote to Dr. Oz’s producers on 15 February, clarifying that barramundi is a carnivorous species by nature, but can live off of a largely vegetarian diet. Production is increasing steadily at around 10 percent annually. Barramundi aquaculture took hold in Australia in the 1980s, with current annual production volumes approaching 4,000 metric tons (MT) of the estimated global production of about 30,000 MT. Meet the Australis Team. Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is considered an iconic fish of northern Australia.It is a large, majestic silver fish, which can grow to over one metre in length. "Barramundi" is currently used by American company Australis Aquaculture to label its Clean Harvest-branded fillets for sale in Australia and around the world. Merging with Mainstream Aquaculture in 2018, PEJO Enterprises barramundi is grown in tropical far North Queensland. The barramundi is raised at their farm nestled between the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef in one of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine environments.
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