A legal note regarding the sale and carrying of knives: It’s illegal to sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18, or carry a knife in public without good reason. Function-wise, gardeners will get most use from the small but effective wood saw, the tweezers (for pulling out thorns) and both screwdrivers, which come in handy for tightening up tools and fixing machinery. Designed in conjunction with the horticultural team of the wonderful Kew Gardens, it’s no surprise that this Spear & Jackson Folding Gardeners Knife has made our list. The blade folds away neatly into the handle to make the total length just 3.25”. For best results, you want to use the best tool you can muster, and this masterly German-made knife is a cut above the rest. A gardener’s knife is one of the most useful tools to have on hand, suitable for a wide range of outdoor tasks. This gardener’s knife has a red nylon handle with a standard alloy lining, and it’s comfortable to hold and grip while tackling longer jobs. One of the best ways to deal with this is to get hold of a “crean mate” scouring block. This knife has a curved stainless steel blade, measuring 57mm. In the following list, we’ve sought out the ones that best cut the mustard (and fruit trees, shrubs and twine) for dealing with a multitude of gardening tasks. This garden knife is made in the UK and is endorsed by the RHS. The blade on this knife is one of the sharpest on test, but gardeners beware – the thin nature of the carbon steel makes it chip easily. The Opinel No.8 is a great all-rounder. Practical and functional garden tools, utensils and hooks ideal for any manual graft of gardening - Overall lenght 17 cm - Grafting Knives for sale online - Garden pruning knives - Horticultural and Gardening Tools - SIFF shop UK This huge knife boasts a heavy curved blade with a wound leather handle, which is reassuringly grippy, even when wet. It’s the perfect tool for cutting out holes in which to plant bulbs or digging out stubborn rooty weeds. Key specs – Blade size: 8cm: Made from: Polyamide and stainless steel; Weight: 140g. This gardening knife has less of a pronounced curve so that you can use it for several different tasks. Best: Patio knife, Key specs – Blade size: 15.24cm; Made from: Carbon steel and oiled ash; Weight: 128g. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through one of these links but this never influences our experts’ opinions. £36.35, Sneeboer & Zn The cut is made just below the soil line, hence this knife comes packing a thick steel blade that has been honed into a point to help it slice through soil. The Whitby Pruning Pocket Knife is a fantastic all purpose gardening knife, complete with a sharp 2.5” stainless steel blade. The 8.5cm blade will handle most cutting tasks you ask from it, while the rotating collar around the hinge will lock the blade in position when closed or open, giving you an extra layer of security. £13.44, Greenhouse Warehouse £5.95. Double down with a squirt of camellia oil and your blade should buff up as good as new. If you’ve been using your knife to cut through plant matter, make sure you remove any sappy deposits. Best: Budget knife, Key specs – Blade size: 8.5cm; Made from: Carbon steel and beech wood; Weight: 45g. The green finish ensures you can always spot it in your tool box! Key specs – Blade size: 6.6cm; Made from: Glass-filled nylon, stainless steel; Weight: 66.9g. This quick buyer’s guide will tell you all you need to know. The purpose of a patio knife is to help give the gaps between paving slabs a good old floss to rid them of grass and weeds.
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