John November 29, 2020. You've tried low-carb zoodles — now use squoodles for a lighter version of your favorite pasta dish. Get the recipe for Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash With Cranberries and Feta ». 12 healthy fall recipes to enjoy all season long 1. But fall is also a tricky time of year when it comes to healthy eating and a time when most people fall off the … HEALTHY FALL BREAKFAST IDEAS! 2 of 65. You’ll find plenty of lightened up dips, finger foods and more. Our top 50 recipes for weight loss feature the best flavors of the season. Get the recipe for Salmon With Skyr and Sautéed Kale », RELATED: 30+ Easy Salmon Recipes to Make for Dinner Tonight, This take on the comfort food classic swaps in part-skim Mozzarella and fresh tomatoes for a dish that won't leave you in a total food coma afterwards. Yummy Fall Party Appetizers Your Guests Will Love. Sienna Livermore is a commerce editor at Hearst covering best-selling products, home items, fashion, beauty, and things you just can't live without. Get the recipe for Soybean Pasta With Kale Pesto and Squash ». Comfort food recipes, fall soup recipes and stews are also aplenty on this list, because sweater season is nothing without a steaming bowl of happiness to cozy up with. This year, save them after carving and add just a few ingredients to them to make a super fun and sweet snack. Amazing Healthy Fall Dessert Recipes. Stews aren't the only warm bowls you can tuck into in the fall; Jessica in the Kitchen simmers tender lentils in a creamy, zesty curry broth. These 3 delicious & healthy recipes that are perfect for fall are essential as we delve into chillier, cozier weather while also being healthy and nutritious! RELATED: 33 Easy Appetizers for a Healthy Party Spread, If you need a refresher on how to peel butternut squash, here's a quick tutorial straight from our test kitchen. Fall produce and seasonal flavors allow home cooks to make supercharged swaps for traditional ingredients in some of our favorite dishes, from soul-warming casseroles to bountiful pasta medleys. Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor. This is the kind of salad you'll want to make the whole meal. Using in-season fruits and veggies brings out the best flavors in this collection of easy dinner and lunch ideas. Ditch tomato sauce and use organic canned pumpkin purée on a surely fresco pizza you can share with the whole family. Get the recipe for Wild-Salmon Cakes With Quinoa Salad ». Get the recipe for Fiery Black Bean Soup », RELATED: 30+ Easy Fall Recipes for Busy Weeknights. This sweet, tangy chicken is the perfect weeknight dinner. Get the recipe for Beet, Mushroom and Avocado Salad ». Veggies are better when stuffed with meat and cheese. and plump shrimp make for a delicious seasonal toast. View Gallery 65 Photos RYAN LIEBE. Orange zest adds just the right amount of citrus to these fish cakes. Dig into these piping hot soups, fresh salads, smoky chilis, and roasted veggies knowing that you're eating something truly wholesome, as these meals are all low-calorie, nutrient-dense options. Enjoy satisfying soups, chili, casseroles and other comfort food classics that are lighter and healthier than traditional recipes.Download a FREE Cookbook of Fall RecipesWatch Video These fresh autumn recipes feature the best of fall flavor and produce. Let this bean-filled stew simmer all day and you'll have a hearty dinner waiting for you at night. Adding a sprinkle of feta, golden raisins, and pine nuts to these two seasonal veggies elevates this salad from your standard lunch order. Layered on fresh bread, crunchy fennel (another seasonal farmer's market grab!) This salad combines Portobellos plus heart-healthy avocados and nutrient-dense beets, plus crumbled matzo for a little extra crunch. Get the recipe for Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup », RELATED: 15+ Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes That Basically Make Themselves. Fall is absolutely synonymous with baking, and while most of our favorite pies, galettes, and breads are made with sweets, there is definitely ways to lighten up our favorite baked treats. Guys, of all the healthy fall recipes, this one is my favorite! Looking for a low-carb side that NEEDS to be on your holiday table? A few tablespoons of miso — a fermented paste — adds both flavor and gut-boosting probiotics. Forget the pineapple debate: The real question is why haven't we been using pumpkin on our fresh pies until now?! and try this toast recipe that’s perfect for fall. Vespa proves that pasta can be indeed healthy in adding ribbons of kale and tender cremini mushrooms. Paired with squash, pomegranate seeds, kale, and tahani, this dish still rings in around 400 calories per serving. Pumpkin Lasagna Roll-Ups Nutmeg and sage are some of the delicious fall flavors used in this super-savory dish. While the base is vegan, you're welcome to add extra protein (whether its chicken or tofu) or a scoop of whole grains to make this flavorful soup even more of a meal. Ryan Dausch. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Consider this your guilt-free way to eat a deep dish pizza. 19. This one's not for the faint of heart. Skip the take-out sushi and make this instead! Plus, we also have all things Thanksgiving covered, like these vegetarian and vegan choices that every health-conscious guest will appreciate. The best healthy fall appetizers perfect for entertaining and enjoying right at home! This checks off three different boxes: Fresh apples, toasted hazelnuts, and freshly shaved Brussels sprouts, all additions that round out the perfect fall salad. View Gallery 65 Photos RYAN LIEBE. The quinoa base also sneaks in extra protein and B vitamins. Pumpkin Lasagna Roll-Ups Nutmeg and sage are some of the delicious fall flavors used in this super-savory dish. Get the recipe for Acorn Squash With Brown Rice and Turkey Sausage ». Pumpkin toast. I can hardly contain myself now that fall is just around the corner. Just one cup of broccoli florets contains all the vitamin C you need in a day. 1 of 65. Get the recipe. Why trust us? CINNAMON SUGAR PUMPKIN SEEDS. Get the recipe for Spaghetti Squash Alfredo », RELATED: The Best Spaghetti Squash Recipes That Taste Better Than Pasta. Drench brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and mushrooms in this zesty parsley-lemon juice dressing. Whether you need a filling weeknight meal or a tasty dessert, recipes like Skillet Chicken Potpie and Apple-Cinnamon Muffins are healthy, delicious and will soon become your go-to favorites. We love how this recipe turned the classic spaghetti squash boats on its head by introducing a luxe vodka sauce that's free of cream! Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The arrival of autumn's cooler temps makes cozy comfort foods seem more appealing than ever, but integrating more seasonal superfoods into your fall recipes can make your favorite hearty dishes way healthier. Get the recipe. Get the recipe for Lemon-Dill Chicken Meatball Soup ». Stuffed with oatmeal, cinnamon, and maple syrup, these baked apples are a good-for-you start to the day. Grab your immersion blender to puree the veg (and just the right amount of Parmesan) for a creamy, cheesy soup under 400 calories per serving. This may make a regular appearance at our house! We may earn commission from the links on this page. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. Whether you're following a vegetarian, vegan, or low-carb diet, there's something for everyone on the menu (including kid-friendly weeknight heroes like a light chicken parm).
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