From the quiff right through to the pompadour, some of the 20th century’s most iconic styles owe their existence to hair pomade. That makes it different from hair oil, which penetrates hair follicles and cuticles and causes changes to hair structure. Moreover, sea salt spray is suitable for a variety of hair types, both for prepping and styling, and provides a light to medium hold that allows your (longer) hair to retain its natural bounce. You will want to use leave in conditioner on damp hair after you have washed and conditioned with regular rinse out conditioner. In many ways, men with thick hair have won the hair lottery – primarily because they’re more likely to have a full head of hair longer than men with thin or thinning hair. Like some of the other styling products on our list, it has gained popularity in recent years to become a go-to option for many folks. While they work to keep products stable, they can wreak havoc on your body’s hormonal rhythms. Don’t do it. You’ll also find some mousses with ingredients such as: rosemary to help treat hair loss. Shine refers to how your hair looks, whether the product has made it glossy, wet, or matte. Hair gel is convenient for a lot of reasons, including that you can – and should - apply it to damp hair, which gives you the luxury of styling your hair on the go instead of waiting for it to dry before you apply your styling product. Navigate to your hair type to see the products we recommend for it. You can use hair serum at any time, but especially when you notice your hair becoming overly dry, dull, or tangled. It’s also good for creating the bedhead kind of look many men prefer because it has a matte finish, but not so good for creating the sleek, wet looks that pomade delivers (and fiber provides no shine). Sea salt spray is, again, best for use on medium to long hair and you can use it as part of your daily styling routine, although you want to use it in moderation during each application because it can dry your hair and scalp. Creams have a medium shine, one that’s considered “natural” compared to other styling products, and frequently are used as a pre-styling product because they add shine, separation, and substance to hair. One thing to keep in mind about mousse – a little of it goes a long way. Most dry shampoos include alcohol and a fine powder, which can be anything from clay, to starches, to volcanic ash. It’s important to keep your dryer a safe distance from the hair so you can apply heat widely, and also to prevent damage. But it also provides softness and shine, while a high-quality serum protects your hair against sun exposure and pollutants such as dust and grime, as well as humidity. Pastes fall under the medium hold-medium shine category and have a consistency that’s typically thicker than pomade. There are many types of hair styling products for guys, and it’s helpful to know something about all of them if you truly want your hair to look like a million bucks. Start by applying the paste to the back of your hair first and work forward. Once you’ve done that, use your hands to shape your hair into the style you want, or you can also use a hair dryer to set it in the style you prefer. Dry hair? Bentonite is a commonly-used clay used in styling products and produced by the weathering of volcanic ash. This sounds great, but the truth is, the silky shine is actually the sheen of the plastic-like polymers that make up silicone. If you want your hair to have a “slick” look and sport a hairstyle that has a well-combed look, then pomade is for you. Hair wax typically falls into the medium hold, medium shine category, although it can leave a shinier or matte finish, depending on the product. Massage the balm down to the roots of your hair to get more volume. It’s thick and kind of resembles a dried-out wax, and has an overall dryness that adds volume to your hair. It is important to note that they help protect, they do not prevent damage. Rubbing thicker hair paste between your palms will soften the product, allowing even distribution throughout your hair. Besides removing excess oil from your hair, it also adds volume and eliminates odors such as cigarette smoke. You’ll also need a hair dryer. Like with other styling products, make sure you distribute your hair oil evenly through your hair before combing it through. First, make sure your hair is damp, but not too damp. Put it this way – your hold remains locked in until you wash the fiber out. Though it is a personal choice if you use the two in tandem, for most people, we suggest using both of these products one after another, especially if you have long hair. As you can see, there’s no shortage of products from which to choose and picking the right one for you depends on several variables – hair length, hairstyle, and more. When the hairs are lubricated, they can slip past each other more easily, making it easier to slip out of the knot. Start with a fingertip amount. No matter what type of hair you have, you’re going to need some help in looking a cut above the rest. So, when using heating elements in your style routine, it is important to use a heat protectant product to reduce harm done to your hair. On the flip side, you’ll want to avoid products that can dry your hair out, such as gels, clays, and waxes. We’ve talked about different styling products and touched on their uses and benefits. Conditioner is used to condition and smooth the hair shaft, restoring a healthy appearance and stopping split ends. Hair is made from cells that are layered on top of each other, similar to scales. However, the smoothing effects seal in moisture and protect the hair from outside aggressors like UV rays and pollution. It’s going to be a free-flowing type of hold, unlike a high-hold that comes with other products. One size does not fit all here, and there are important factors that will determine which styling and hair care products will give you the best results. A good way to gauge how much you need is to dispense the same amount of foam as you do with your shaving cream. You’ll get more of a matte finish if you combine our Styling Balm with our Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray. Well, that wraps up our men’s hair products guide. Shampoo is something you probably already have in your shower, but do you know what to look for when picking out the right one for your hair type? Others say that dry shampoo isn’t technically a replacement for regular shampoo because you still need to clean the scalp deeply to remove all excess oils and residues.
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