15 per egg. The Cost Of Keeping 100 Broilers Chickens And Possible Profit. It is also an important source of income generation to small/marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. We are going to discuss mainly chicken farming because it is very popular in Kenya. We are deeply involved in Cow Fattening and Dairy farming as we produce milk and meat in mass quantities at our highly organized farms. A farm is an area of land used for primary production which will include buildings. Poultry Farming. I decided to get into dairy farming, as this was a relatively stable and profitable business in the unpredictable world that is Indian agriculture sector. With Ksh. This is why i prefer chicken farming for farm beginners. requirements to start broilers farming, you can click here. Growing of all the above plants requires a big farm. This chicken are active day and night and at this time you need to make sure that they have feeds and water. As they grow they will eat more. At the end i believe each farm beginners is going to make the right decision on which type of farming to venture into. Pastured chickens are GREAT but a lot of work. I am going to discuss on dairy cows since cow milk is more popular especially in Kenya than sheep and goat milk. Dairy farming – This is a class of agriculture that mainly deals with keeping of; The main targeted product in dairy farming is milk. This cow will produce average of 30 litres of milk per day if fed well. They do not need to stay in the room 24/7. So I'm just going to make a brief comparison of the two cattle industries that work to feed us. For reprint rights: Syndications Today. Your responsibility is to look for market. Both give you good food and very little profit. As i mentioned above, dairy farming is a class of agriculture that deals with keeping of cows, sheep and goat for milk production. There is also huge market for chicken eggs and meat especially in kenya due to high demand. ... in livestock farming has grown now to poultry farming during the last year and we are producing mass quantities of poultry meat and eggs. I agree with Jon Campbell-Walker that a more detailed question is needed. The other birds mentioned above are also good. Dairy farming and poultry farming are also growing in Nepal. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This dairy project works well in rural areas than in urban areas. Otherwise buying chicks will cost you more because one kienyeji chick goes for Ksh. We have hybrid breeds that give birth to hundreds of calves for continuity of business. When the hens wants to sleep give them the fertilized eggs and you can produce your chicks within the compound. As the name suggest, layer chickens are mainly kept for commercial egg production. Some of the typical work in a Poultry Farm involves management of the farm, rearing chicks, feed formulation and analysis among others. Once established in the field and after attaining some exposure and expertise in poultry and dairy farming, one can set up their own such farms. Your work will be easier if you make them free range after laying eggs. The whole concept of Poultry farming during the last two decades or so has undergone a sea change.The poultry industry has now emerged as a highly structured and market-oriented enterprise. 5,000. If you will be renting a space you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. Required fields are marked *. I am going to discuss three types of farming which includes; I am going to discuss in details the cost of starting each of the farming projects mentioned above, management and market. Soon kienyeji egg and meat will take over egg and meat market due to the quality of both products.
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