This would inevitably result in the other family killing 2 of the first, then 4, then 8…. Muslim societies have historically been very concerned with familial honor, and the concept of “eye for an eye” is even advocated in the Qur’an. To prevent a Mulo from rising, ritualistic purification is needed at the time of death which involved placing bits of steel in the mouth, over the eyes, and between the fingers during burial. In this ancient Asian tradition, the teenage girls are dressed up in beautiful outfits. Yes, Blood Fiesta is still a thing even after thousands of petitions, rallies, court cases, and campaigns. The victim then falls mysteriously ill, what with dirt and grass not being particularly healthy in place of your normal internal organs. So long as nobody else dies, the feud is over. They prepare a mixture of the bone dust of the dead and consume it in a banana soup after 45 days. Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! Masongs are the people who send the invitation to God to possess their bodies. Login using OTP during the Iraq wars, paying millions to the families of Iraqi civilians killed in the conflict. Suangi are evil spirits that are said to consume the internal organs of their victims and then replace them with dirt or grass. Naturally, because of the associated health risks, this practice is dying. Every death was the result of evil spirits or spells from some unseen enemy. Extreme cheek piercing at the Phuket Vegetarian festival in Thailand is one of the most painful traditions still in existence. A tooth for a tooth. That’s not to say revenge is a good thing, or even healthy. Things go from creepy to weird when the family actually tries to seek justice. Appealing to Maximón involves prayer as well as sacrifices of cigarettes, money, and liquor, and only after these sacrifices have been made can one ask for his divine assistance. Translated literally as “one who is dead”, a Mulo is said to be born when a person is murdered in cold blood. Every death was the result of evil spirits or spells from some unseen enemy. The American military became well versed in the concept of Diya during the Iraq wars, paying millions to the families of Iraqi civilians killed in the conflict. The price paid is often a financial one, putting an actual dollar amount on a human life. , it was the practice of taking the head of your enemies and then placing them on display. On their deathbed, the victim could then name who among the village is actually a Suangi and caused them to become sick. All of it is just stereotypes, but there is one thing the Romani people have when it comes to revenge: the terrifying, Translated literally as “one who is dead”, a. is said to be born when a person is murdered in cold blood. Advances in technology, and especially cameras on cell phones, have made it easy to take photos wherever and whenever you want. Unlike many of these revenge rituals, Nithing Poles are still being erected today. Consequently, the killing of any family member would result in the rest of the male members of that family to seek vengeance against the original perpetrators. Here are 15 creepy revenge customs that will keep you up at night. Lucky for us, revenge is something that is slowly disappearing from the world. When pointed at the victim it was said to expel that energy, cursing them. The result is apparently a creepy smoking cowboy wearing aviator glasses. ... but it costs a lot of money to get that done. Those that fail to perform the sacred rites are put on latrine duty, and for grievous offenses, the man may be forced to give up his wife until the debt to the village had been paid. They wouldn’t necessarily die right away, but anxiety would eat away at them resulting in a psychosomatic death. The festival celebrates the abstinence from meat-based products during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. In Guatemala, the god Maximón is believed to be the continuation of the ancient Mayan deity Mam but blended with Spanish Catholicism. Sign in or create an account.It takes less than a minute! The dolls wouldn’t become Voodoo Dolls until the 1930’s when various books and films vilifying African-Americans attributed it to Voodoo practitioners. Naturally, this meant that justice was reserved for the rich or those who were already proficient in combat. Cannibalism is something humans just can't seem to get rid of. Don’t worry, We;’ll not spam you & You can unsubscribe with us any time. The Korowai Tribe of New Guinea, Indonesia eats the body of their healer on their death. An Onryō was a Yurei that returns from purgatory to haunt their living family until justice is served. didn’t result in bloodshed, but it did result in an insidious campaign of harassment where Scientologists infiltrated their targets and left their lives in utter ruin. Research shows that exacting vengeance re-opens the emotional wounds from the original wrong, taking much longer to heal. Despite their name, they are one of the few weird and scary rituals that aren’t actually made by witches. Personal finances, relationships, and public image were all “fair game” when the Church felt they had been wronged. Blood revenge is a tradition stretching back hundreds of years, with the whole process being codified: if a man is killed, then both the killer and another man in his family must be killed. The Naga people of Northeastern India acknowledged this problem with a unique solution: all grievances between villagers were bottled up, and once or twice a year the entire village would come out in a grand fight where everyone could settle old scores. Called the Kurdaitcha, it was his job to mete out justice. Many of us think Voodoo Dolls come from the Louisiana and Haiti in the 1700s, where the thousands of African slaves melded their traditions and folklore into a single semi-religious practice. When a loved one dies, their body is garbed in ceremonial robes and then tied to a “death chair” beneath their home and guarded by fires. Sometimes upon their deaths, an Arrernte would speak the name of the person they think caused their death. Although the ancient Mayan gods have largely died out, a few live on in Central American traditions. The American military became well versed in the concept of. An eye for an eye. It is celebrated in Akibasan Entsu-Ji shrine on the second Sunday of every December. The Japanese Shinto Buddhist practice of firewalking is called 'Hiwatari Shinji'. , and it’s used to curse your enemies. In cases of untimely or wrongful death, the body is tied to one of the house posts and left to rot. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. If you’ve been wronged, you may go to Maximón to seek revenge against those who wronged you. The more heads you have, the more revered and feared a warrior you were. To do it the Kurdaitcha had a number methods, but none were more feared than a mystical bone imbued with spiritual energy. 10 Unusual Bonds Of Friendship We Don't Normally Acknowledge, 4 Fantastic & Absolutely True Spy Stories We Bet You Haven't Heard Before, 10 Most Horrifying Gang Rituals Across The Globe, 9 Unbelievable Stories Of Rich & Famous People Who Were Once Homeless, Most Painful Torture Devices In The History, I'm A Proud Male Feminist And This Is Why You Should Be Too, 15 Inspiring Quotes By Muhammad Ali That Prove Champions Are Made Of Steel, Girl Creates PowerPoint Proposal To Impress Her Crush, But He Destroys Her With His Epic Reply, 10 Hilarious Thoughts Everyone Has Had During Examinations, In Muslim-Banned America, Indian Origin Comedian Hasan Minhaj Roasts Donald Trump Like A Boss, Trump's 'Mother Of All Bombs' Has Left Afghanistan Devastated & This Video Is The Chilling Proof Of It. 'Cobra Gold' is like annual adult day camp. Back when the Church of Scientology was just getting their start in the 1950’s, there were a lot of people who were critical of the budding religion, to the point where they’d often release op-eds condemning the Church. And in this case, stop means having both families attend a giant party. In Inuit tradition, it was believed that everything, both human and animal, had a soul (called an anirniit) and that soul could seek revenge from the afterlife against those that killed it. The goal is to prepare soldiers to survive the wilderness. There are around 13,000 military members from Thailand, United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. Signup with us to unlock all features! On the bizarre side, the newlyweds are not permitted to use the bathroom for three-days and nights and also ingest a restricted diet after their wedding.
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