For runs and coop with dirt floor: Bury hardware cloth 2 feet down, and/or place a skirt of hardware cloth 2 feet out. I myself have been sickened by the stories that people have told me ….. “I never lock my chickens up”, “I allow my chickens to free range all the time, day and night and have only lost around 20 of them over the years”, and once a lady told me….”I was horrified, I woke up one morning and all 26 of my chickens were dead all around the barn yard and in the field. Piles of firewood, debris, old vacant sheds, and brush piles offer predators a safe haven as they approach. How to Buy Our Coops; About Our Coops; Predator Apron; Chicken Keeping FAQ; Follow Us. We’ve had many predator scares over the years, and birds can freeze in fear, temporarily, but out of all that, I’ve had only one bird remain frozen in fear and die of a heart attack within hours. I would really like to follow your blog but cant figure out how, can you give me a hand? Betsy, that’s great that you found a way to deter hawks. Your email address will not be published. Don’t skimp by using chicken wire on top. There is 5 foot fence all around with chicken wire buried to stop digging. Any information would be helpful. Best size for predator apron or skirt - newbie seeking advice . The barn cats sleep with her in her dog house. That’s it! The city has a ton of racoons. Do I need to know anything special about that? Hopefully he will tell his friends to avoid my place. It also scares foxes, deer, wolves, coyotes, skunks, and bears. Unfortunately because of where we live we will be unable to dig down at all to bury wire and etc. What does it look like? Outdoor feeders, however, attract wild birds and animals, and that is asking for trouble. Perhaps the greatest is keeping chickens safe from predators. We have never had them around our home until recently. Its more then 2 people can keep up The following are my best recommendations for predator-proofing chickens based on my experiences. Building on that thought, I placed old cd’s on the corners of our chick run this past Spring and, although I saw the hawk flying over our yard, she never tried to get the chicks. Also heated water containers, food bins May 28, 2018 - Information on the predator apron to protect your flock. Cover windows with hardware cloth. Chicken killers will come knocking on the walls to get in and can’t, they will try and dig under the walls. This will allow the chicken to feed easily - as a side benefit, hanging chicken feeders prevents the chickens from … I raise bees in the front and have had raccoons and bears get into those early on. My husband went out to check on them, and found the snake trying to eat one of them, and the other one was already in his belly. I have mostly trash pandas and between my spikes or wasp spray when I’m around, they hesitantly visit my coop. Yes, an electric fence will work against raccoons if you set it up such that the raccoon will have to come into contact with the wire in order to enter the coop and run. "The Polka" Our 6' X 12' Coop . If you are not yet familiar with them, you might want to check out my previous post on Poultry Predator Identification, where their tracks, scat, and behaviors are discussed. A switch for the bathroom might also work well! It’s much more difficult to keep chickens safe when allowed to roam beyond the coop and run, and I’ll be posting about that in the future. Many will argue this point, but the fact remains that a truly tenacious predator will find a way to access your coop, particularly if given the luxury of time or when aided by inclement weather. In addition, the second apron flays out from the run about 3 feet just below the ground surface. Coop Apron. We’ve had evidence of multiple attempts on our young girls’ lives at night! They can be separated every day in order to drag the tractors to the next spot. Can someone help, I was wondering about the type of fencing that goes underground. I then bought 14″ metal sheeting, 10′ long, in the framing department at Home Depot (very reasonable price) and made an apron on the ground around the whole coop – sat the coop on the metal to help protect the wooden frame from the dirt & moisture. Many wild animals are most active at dawn and dusk, so I recommend calling them in well before sundown, and not letting them out till well after sunrise. We suspect a couple of big hawks. Predators who want to burrow under the coop will try to do so from the perimeter. Carolina Coops offers the country's best selection of superior-grade chicken coops and accessories for sale. What to put on top of outdoor run in snow country? Hands down, my favorite way of keeping animals from digging under my chicken coop and run is definitely the coop apron. To prevent them from being able to do that, wire meshing is also placed around the perimeter. Keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful way to grow some of your own food and learn about animal behavior, but it does present the flock master with a few challenges. Absolutely nothing was wrong with them. Homestead Chicken Resources. If the floor is just dirt and can be burrowed under, you’ll also want to consider putting mesh around the exterior floor of the coop — something called a predator apron — to keep animals from burrowing in under the fence. Then had scrap pieces of plywood roughly any size down to at least 2 feet x 2 feet. We raised 15 dual-purpose roosters in each tractor for 16 weeks, then got them into the freezer. I raise peacocks and ornamental chickens and have been rebuilding new pens with half inch hardware all around, burying it in the ground and filling the trench with stone spending way more than I anticipated on but hey its a hobby and I love the birds. People don’t feel to bad if something gets your chickens learn from it and learn from other peoples posts and just be glad your knot a chicken. The only way to keep snakes out of the chicken coop completely is to secure it day and night with 1/4″ hardware cloth at every possible access point into the coop and run. As a general rule, hang feeders so they are as high as the chicken's chest. 1. A hardwire apron is basically hardwire that is attached to the base of your coop, then bends down, out, and away from the coop. Coyotes. You could also be like me that for a long time, I would run to scan the backyard everytime the security light is triggered with a flashlight, armed with wasp spray. Does that deter predators? This video is about Predator Apron and how to install it so predators can not dig under your coop and get inside to your chickens. Chickens are so awesome, even the raccoons want some. How to Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop. We have 3 wires running between 1 and 4 feet off the ground. Thanks in advance for all your help! When it’s underground, though, it’s moist almost constantly, which is why it breaks down quickly. It is about 10x15 in size. Last fall just before sunset we lost our little flock to coyotes! The flooring should not be prone to rotting or decaying. Even small predators can chew through it, and a tenacious dog will tear through it like it's not even there. The run should be totally enclosed with 1/2 or 1/4 inch hardware cloth. Confine chickens to a predator proof space at night. My little dog is actually very friendly with our chickens and will even go in their coop when I’m feeding. Well yesterday a rat snake somehow got into the screened porch and through the chicken wire and got two of my four chicks. Dec 24, 2019. The area where we have them use to be my garden so I was glad we were using it again. Thread starter #1 Gertie Greenbriar In the Brooder. Enough said. That could be a problem if you ever let your birds free range, in which case you would not want predators hanging around at all. I just lost one of my girls her name was ruby the raisen hawk. My birds have a super secure cyclone fenced coop and run inside a fenced back yard with plenty of space and I came home to 9 of my 11 young pullets dropped dead on the coop floor yesterday! I suppose hardware cloth on the floor is ok if you keep a thick layer of litter over it. Don’t allow Chickens to Roost Outside Chickens are most vulnerable when they are asleep and many chicken predators are active at night, making the inside of a locked coop the safest place for them. This oil hurts your skin if you get any fume on your skin. Anyone have any other suggestions? Its your responsibility to keep them safe and clean, their lives depend on it! Predator proof chicken run. Lauren Arcuri. It seems that everything wants to … One of our meat birds was taken by an owl … but it was totally our fault!! She was dead the next day. Regular hardware cloth on top is fine. This modern chicken coop is made of recycled materials, and it’s completely predator-proofed. Check out that other post for more details. I use terracotta outdoor tiles in the floor of my run its easy to clean and doesn’t break down. Hello, Definitely Yes Votes: 0 0.0% Yes, with some supplemental poultry netting or hardware cloth Votes: 3 75.0% Maybe Votes: 0 0.0% NO Votes: 0 0.0% What the?? We live in Luxembourg in Europe and have set out Duck house and Chicken coop on a concrete base as we have woods around and of course fox – the night is not our biggest problem at the moment. I have chicken wire around my run, sides and top, and other then snakes getting in and taking an egg here and there before we catch it, I have had no other issues. Thanks for the comments so far! I thought they flay into the trees to get away from other animals that attacked them during the night.” The coop apron is a lot easier than digging straight down, 12 to 18 inches, and trying to bury the fencing material into the ground. Do this around runs, and if you didn’t elevate the coop, do it around the coop, too. Secure the hardware cloth with screws and washers, and space them closely enough to keep openings less than 1/2 inch. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? I’m moving the hives into the chicken run so i won’t have to invest in another solar charger and battery for the hot fence and nail boards. Keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful way to grow some of your own food and learn about animal behavior, but it does present the flock master with a few challenges.
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