Visiting Japan in September. When to go and weather. browser on 30/04/2016 - 22:42. Tickets for baseball games can often be bought ahead of time at convenience stores, and it's worth checking for availability even at short notice. Summer in Japan lasts from about June to mid-September, depending on the location.Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from approximately 70 to 90 °F (21 to 32 °C).. July and August are typically the hottest and most humid times of year, and can be uncomfortable for sightseeing if you are averse to humidity. Last updated: 11 September 2020 . There are various things to experience in late September-early October, such as Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition or watching cormorant fishing. Ideally, I'd like to go when the weather is ~70F (~20C), and not raining cats and dogs. One of urban Japan's most dramatic displays, The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival in Osaka thrills spectators with its display of portable shrines wheeled at breakneck pace through packed streets. It’s actually a great time to enjoy two very different seasons: summer & autumn! In 2020, Tokyo Game Show will be held online to prevent further spread of Coronavirus. The Japan Meteorological website for weather info. It is a time when the Japanese believe the living and dead can be reunited to eat, drink, and be merry together. ▶︎Which SIM card Option to Choose in Japan? Japan is all about the seasons. Summer Sonic is the biggest music event in Japan along with Fuji Rock Festival. I loved the novel The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama, which gave me a greater insight into sumo culture. Tokyo Dome is one of the country's largest stadiums and even has an amusement park on-site. Tokachidake Onsen and Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido welcome autumn before much of the rest of Japan. While it all involves rice prepared with sushi vinegar, it doesn’t all include raw fish. Pack for any weather: comfortable pants and skirts, blouses and sweaters. Every summer, Mt. Japan in detail. Despite the weather, September offers plenty of opportunities you can’t miss! Japan's festivals don't get much more energetic than the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival. Note that the weather is largely very good, but can be unpredictable with typhoons at their most frequent from late August and through much of September. Numbers of fun events are held through the country as well as early autumn leaves. June 29, 2013 1:03 AM Subscribe. There are several great ski resorts accessible from Tokyo, too!. Japan is one of the best countries for snow activities, and ski and snowboarding are a huge attraction even for foreign visitors. The September sumo tournament takes place at the Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium. In November, highs range from 57 to 64 degrees, with nighttime temps a chilly 45 to 54 degrees. Not only do they boast nice beaches, but they also double as hot spring resorts with plenty of additional attractions nearby if the weather is not good for visiting the beach. Across Japan in September, average afternoon highs range from 73 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, with temps dropping to 64 to 70 degrees across the country at night. One of the biggest video game events in the world, the annual Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be back in the city with the latest stuff to impress all game& high-tech lovers around the world. Rainiest month(s) in Japan: June and September. Japan’s northernmost island is the first place in the country to experience the famous Autumn colours as, from mid-September, the leaves on the deciduous trees turn red, gold and orange. I recommend picking just a few places on their list and using the Raku bus to get you to each place within a reasonable time. Which Pocket WiFi Rental is the Best in Japan? Should we reschedule or will September be fine? The massive Japanese holiday of Obon lands in the middle of August, and is a fun and vibrant time to visit Japan. The Ryogoku Kokugikan is the venue for the September sumo tournament in Tokyo. Temperatures start to creep down a little bit, but humidity is still high; for much of the month, expect daytime temperatures in the upper 20s. Picking the right time of year to visit Japan isn’t easy. What to do, where to go, where to stay, restaurants, hotels, free WiFi and maps, plan your trip here, to travel with confidence and ease when you visit Japan September may be a leafy, fall-like time of year where you’re from, but in Japan, things are still pretty sticky – especially at the beginning of the month.
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